As a payer, your company may deal with hundreds or thousands of physicians and practices, not to mention medical laboratories, hospitals, and other healthcare providers. Exchange of clinical information between provider and payer is often slow and involves faxing or emailing documents. Electronic health information exchange (HIE) requires interfaces with laboratory information systems (LIS), hospital information systems (HIS), hundreds of different EMRs and EHRs, and other systems. Multiple point-to-point interfaces with these systems can be expensive, both to build and to maintain.

OmniXchange™ is the solution to these interoperability issues. With OmniXchange’s hub-and-spoke model, payers can connect easily and rapidly with labs, hospitals and providers through a single interface engine.

  • Eases exchange of clinical information between provider and payer
  • Faster processing of claims and payment
  • Reduce number of duplicate tests and procedures.

The OmniXchange healthcare interface engine is robust, reliable and easy to use.

  • Dashboard for monitoring and managing message flow
    • Notes
    • Lab reports
    • Visit summaries
  • Easy to use and maintain web-based system
  • Tracking of data (audit trail)
  • Sophisticated HL7 engine which also handles many other message types
  • Secure data exchange (SSL, FTPS/VPN)
  • Integrates with all ambulatory and hospital EMRs/EHRs, lab information systems, practice management systems, e-prescribing systems and document management
  • Ability to add new HL7 interfaces without programming
  • Cloud-based or enterprise
  • You choose the level of service and support