In the ACO value-based model, doctors and other providers are the leaders in improving clinical outcomes through patient-centered health solutions. Yet doctors can’t provide accountable care without data. Interoperability among doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers in an ACO is essential to coordinated care.

The OmniXchange™ interface engine is the basis for the complex systems needed for accountable care and patient-centered medical home (PCMH.) OmniXchange makes interoperability easier, faster and more affordable in the long term than building and maintaining dozens of point-to-point interfaces.

Using a hub-and-spoke model, OmniXchange enables standards-based messaging, secure data exchange and secure connectivity.

  • Integration between all transactions through a single platform
  • Dashboard for monitoring and managing message flow
  • Easy to use and maintain web-based system
  • Tracking of data (audit trail)
  • Sophisticated HL7 engine which also handles many other message types
  • Secure data exchange (SSL, FTPS/VPN)
  • Integrates with all ambulatory and hospital EMRs/EHRs, hospital information systems (HIS), lab information systems (LIS), practice management systems, e-prescribing systems, document management, billers and payers
  • Ability to add new HL7 interfaces without programming
  • Cloud-based or enterprise
  • You choose the level of service and support you require